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The Advantage of Using Consumable-Based Kits During a Tough Economy
A Sixty Second Interview with Joseph Wathey: Founder, S.U.R.&R.

What do you believe are the main concerns affecting shop owners during the present economic environment?

Most shop owners are looking for ways to keep customers happy while reducing costs and completing jobs faster. This has always been the case and will remain so in the future. The presently tough economic climate makes these issues all the more important to shop owners.

Both the reputation and profitability of shops is dependent upon owners and installers staying ahead of the curve and finding better ways to solve everyday problems. Reducing labor and parts costs are two major factors with which we can help.

What types of jobs can be completed using S.U.R.&R. kits?

Common jobs including A/C, brake, fuel, and transmission line replacements can be done quickly with lower costs. These are everyday jobs that shops can perform more profitably while also helping vehicle owners significantly reduce repair costs.

Specifically, how can shops save time and money with S.U.R.&R. consumable kits?

For shops, time is saved by avoiding the processes involved in ordering parts as well as ending wasted bay time spent waiting on deliveries. For installers, the biggest time savings occur through reduced labor time due to easier routing and simpler connections. That and the fact that all the pieces needed to make a repair are immediately available. Quick access to the right part is a big advantage when using our kits.

From a materials standpoint, our components meet or exceed all safety requirements and normally are 40% (or more) less costly than OE alternatives.

Time's up. Thank you for your comments Joe.
Thank you.